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Jamaican Theater

Visit Reggae Sumfest, yearly, Montego Bay.

Speak like a Real Jamaican by Jamaican Sinting

Details of some  attractions are listed here:

Appleton Plantation Estate Tour– Estate has been blending rum since 1749 , guided enlightening tour of the estate and sample some of the finest rum in the world. • Birds Watching A peaceful early morning walk, through one of our in land rainforest or morass, observing and getting knowledge of our unique species of birds. • Black River SafariJourney up the Black River to see crocodiles on the river bank, learn about exotic flora and fauna. Blue Mountain Tour– A thrilling day of history, beautiful scenery and hiking around and through coffee plantation see how the worlds best coffee is produce. Lush tropical rainforest of the Blue Mountain. Home to hundreds of species of birds and blossoming plant life. • Bob Marley Mausoleum (Nine Miles)– A guided tour, sea the birth place and burial ground of the Reggae Legend. • Cockpit Country– Area where Maroons(run away slaves) hide, fought and defeated the British. This include caving and hiking.Cockpit Country Cave Exploration-This is a one of a kind magical experience when trained guides equip visitors with helmets and lights to explore the subterranean world. Coffee Plantation Tour Tour of plantation, see each stage of coffee production from beans being skinned and dried to roasted. • Deep Sea Fishing- A real experience of fishing expedition, with very knowledgeable fisher folks. Dunn’s River Falls and Tubing After a life time climb you then hop over to the white river for an exciting ride down river. • Dunn’s River Falls– Climb with expert guide up hundreds of feet at the most popular attraction- a climb of a life time. Great River Zip– The longest zip line (canopy) in the entire Caribbean. Ultimate adventure for those who love zip line and for those who wish to experience zip line, for the first time. • Greenwood Great House- Visit the most authentic of the 18 century plantation houses. View their furnishing, musical instruments, letters and other personal effects. • Horse Back Beach Ride– Ride gentle well trained horse along the beach and into the sea. • Horse Back Riding-Guided tours through the country side on welled trained horse,explore interesting sites. • Mayfield Falls and Mineral Spring– Exciting scenic tours through historic Cockpit Country. Journey through water falls, streams and natural jacuzzi. Adventure trails by land. • Montego Bay HighLight Tour-Tour of historical sights in and around Montego Bay great shopping experience,seeing Jamaica craft artisan at work. • Mystic Mountain– 700 feet above sea level, 360 degree view from coast line to mountain ridge. Enjoy rain forest, bobsledding and zip line canopy tour. Negril Beach Tour/ Rick’s Cafe– Enjoy exciting day on 7 miles of white sand beach observing dare devil cliff diving at Rick’s Cafe. Pelican Bar (south coast)– Up into a jamaica (canoe) travel out to the bar-enjoy Jamaica authentic food and drink. • Rock Land Bird Feeding Station (Bird Sanctuary)– Meet and spend time with some of our beautiful birds such as the Humming Bird our national bird.Birds will sit on your finger and drink sweet water from little bottles. • Rose Hall Great House/Adventure Tour-A tour of supposedly haunted great house on a former sugar plantation-once the home of Annie Plamer(wicked) white witch of Rose Hall. • Scuba Diving – Beautiful sights that are not over used, beautiful coral and reef. • Secret Falls and Tubing– Tubing on the white river then to Secret Falls (very rustic swinging rope and hiking through lovely rainforest along the rushing river to the falls. • YS Falls (south coats area)-Ride on a tracker drawn jitney through an old estate,to enjoy cascading water falls, spring water flows into a clear pool used by swimmers, tubing down the river, enjoy canopy zip line tour or just relax and enjoy the rainforest. • The Jamaican motto: “Out of Many, One People”. Popular Jamaican dishes: Curried goat; Ackee & Salt Fish; Fried Dumplings; Rice & Peas & Chicken; Jerk Chicken; Roast Yam and Pork; Festival; Jamaican Patties; Run-Dung – Ask Chester where to get these! • Music: Dance endlessly to the rhythms of Jamaica’s Reggae music… genuine happy dance with laughter is a tradition. Ask Chester about our music festivals! • Language: English and local dialect (some people call it patois).