Cockpit Country


  1. There is a 12 mile hike from north to south Cockpit Country that is an opportunity to see the landscape, the ecology and learn some of the medicinal plant species and their uses in the local folklore from our Guides. It takes 4-5 hours depending on your pace of trek and is exhilarating.  It starts at 700 feet and ends at just about 200 feet. This requires some logistical arrangements which we can address once you have decided on it. We also customize it for a shorter distance 3-6 miles to meet various preferences. It cost $40 per person.


  1. Bird watching is at the crack of dawn for about 3 hours and our Guides attempt to show you the 28 endemic bird species if you are lucky and some of the migratory birds as well. We also assist in logging the species if you are an avid birder. This cost $60 per person.


  1. Caving is the one of a kind experience which allows you to explore the underground ecology of the Cockpit Country. Our Guides fit you with helmet and lights and chaperone you through the amazing under world for what is adventure and fun for just under 2 hours. With a short hike to and from the cave and rejuvenation on the river bank you can’t beat this experience. You need a full change of clothing, footwear and a towel as you get wet during this excursion. It costs $60 per person.


  1. We offer a all-day Combo of the Hike and Caving excursion together. This starts at 8 am and end at 4pm. This is for the agile and fun loving who want a full day of authentic outdoor nature based engagement in rural Jamaica’s Cockpit Country. The cost of this is $80 per person.


  1. We have a special customized educational tour package for students which are where your interest is I believe.  For this we give students a short presentation on the ecology, limestone weathering, flora and fauna, landscape and Maroon history and traditions of Cockpit Country. If groups have specific topic of academic interest we can research and make this a part of the presentation with prior notice.

This is followed by a short hike to the cave during which much of the natural environment comes alive. Our Guides provide the onsite information and identifies the rare plants, medicinal species and identifies some of the 28 endemic bird species.


They are then fitted with helmets and lights for the caving excursion where the architectural elegance of the limestone formations of stalagmites and stalactites come alive. There is an underground pool and an array of features that make the hour and a half excursion a combination of environmental education, adventure and real fun.


You relax on the river banks when you emerge and gain a better understanding of the fresh water river system of the Cockpit Country.


The cost of this educational package for students is $50 per person. If the group size exceeds 10 students we provide an authentic Jamaican cooked meal at no additional cost per person.


We encourage our guests to arrive at 10 am for this educational tour programme. Bring along a change of clothing foot and a towel as you get wet during the caving. We have the latitude to further customize this educational tour with some conditions.